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Your favourite tips for mealtimes with toddlers

We asked grown-ups for their best tips for making the most of mealtimes with their Bingsters. 

We received suggestions from across our social channels. Below is a selection of the advice that we received. Please keep in mind that these tips have not come from experts. If you are looking for more detailed advice or have questions related to toddlers and their eating habits then please visit the NHS website.

Be Patient

Many grown-ups told us that it is important to be patient and not to rush toddlers at mealtimes. Young children may take a bit of time to grow to like certain foods, eat a whole meal or to interact with what is on their plate.

- Danielle H

Serve new foods alongside something you know they'll definitely eat. And expect them to be obsessed with something one minute then repulsed by it the next!

Amy E

Not rushing and if he leaves the table wait for him to come back to finish.

Charlotte R

Let them explore what’s on the plate.

Kerry H

Keep putting foods on their plate that they ‘don’t like'. Their tastes are always changing and one day they will just start eating it.

Make Mealtimes Fun

Mealtimes with toddlers can be a stressful part of the day. Try to make food something engaging and fun for you Bingster, rather than a chore.

Emily R

Cut little shapes into fruit & veg to make it more fun! Kids can also help with prep in this way as it's something simple they can do.

Kelly I

Do the choo choo train to encourage them to open their mouth!

Gemma E

Colours are your friend.

Martha S

Relate their food to something they like, i.e we’re having easy peasy pasta just like Sula eats!

Get Children Involved

Toddlers like to feel independent and that they have some choice in what they are doing. By including your Bingster in choosing what they eat and cooking together, you can help them become more confident at mealtimes.

Olivia L

I get my son to choose what he would like from the shop for example pasta, veg, fruits etc. then I plan meals with him and we both cook the food together.

Hayley R

I’ve started having my wee one in the kitchen with me when preparing meals. He really enjoys watching what I'm doing...and sneaking a little snack from the chopping board too!

Natalie C

Let them help with cutting, preparing and tasting the food beforehand, put the food in the middle of the table, let them get their own food.

Nikole D

Eating together is key in our home.

Verity D

Offer choices where possible – it gives children a sense of control and that they have made their own decision.

Vanessa W

I have always told my little girl what’s on the menu for her meal times since she was weaning. It helps them learn about different foods and it’s good for them to know what they like.

Make Mealtimes Less Stressful

Just like Bing, Bingsters can sometimes react in unpredictable ways to different situations. You gave us some tips for how to make mealtimes easier for little ones to avoid any wobbles.

Loren K

Try not to overfill their plate.

Loren K

Make sure they aren't tired when it's time to eat.

Kelli S

Keep trying new foods but never force them to eat it if they don't like it otherwise they'll be scared to try new things.

Kirsty W

Don’t get them sat at the table or in the highchair until the food is completely cooled down and ready to eat, saves any unnecessary tantrums over waiting.

Nikki D

'Fed is best’, even if it’s cereal, strawberries and apples for every meal!

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