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Make Fruit Cones with Bing

Make & Do

Make a yummy delicious fruit cone!

“My ice cream fell out and went all mucky on the ground. And I was sad. I didn't get an ice cream. But Flop made me a fruit cone instead and it was mmm yummy!” 


Whether your toddler has dropped their ice cream or just enjoys a yummy delicious snack, you can enjoy time in the kitchen with them and make this healthy fruit cone recipe. Woo-hoo! 


Please do use caution and your own good judgement about which steps your Bingster can safely be involved in. 

You will need: 

  •  Ice cream cones
  • Your favourite fruit
  • A bar of chocolate


  1. Time to wash our hands!
  2.  Wash and prepare your favourite fruit and put in a bowl.
  3.  Carefully pop the fruit into your cone.
  4.  Break up the bar of chocolate into small pieces. Ask a grown-up to melt it in a metal bowl over a saucepan of hot water. Then pour it into a jug.
  5.  Pour the chocolate sauce over the fruit.
  6.  Time to eat it!

Download and print below!