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Meet the Characters: Sula

Meet Sula

Sula loves Bing (and Bing loves Sula!)

Sula loves spending time with Bing and she is often a joyful and positive influence on how they play together: She is verbally quick and has a surprisingly developed vocabulary and a weakness for anything 'sparkly'. Sula also has a strong character and can get quite firm and 'stampy' if she doesn't agree with Bing. Sula also has a world-class giggle and a rather diplomatic way of seeing the positive in most situations.

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Sula loves...

her Fairy Hippo, fairy wand and her fairy sparkle magic!

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Sula knows...

a lot about plants and stars!

Sula pasta

Sula's favourite food is...

Easy Peasy Pasta!

Sula things

10 Pack Figurines

Toys & Games

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Sula's Ball Colouring Sheet

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Sula and Amma Colouring Sheet

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Featuring Sula

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