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Meet the Characters: Bing

Meet Bing

Bing is a loveable authentic pre-school boy. He's curious, energetic and passionate - and he lives very much in the present. Because he's so young, each moment often brings Bing new experiences for the very first time. With each bump, spillage, or temporary disappointment, we are all able to appreciate and celebrate the realities of pre-school life with Bing.

Bing Carrots Image

Bing loves carrots...

and anything carrot-flavoured!


Bing left handed image

Bing is...

left handed!

Bing and hoppity image

Bing loves Hoppity Voosh...

and anything related to Hoppity

Bing Things

10 Pack Figurines

Toys & Games

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Bing Clothing

Bing Clothing

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Rainybow Bing Colouring Sheet activity image

Rainybow Bing Colouring Sheet

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Featuring Bing

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