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Meet the Characters: Charlie

Meet Charlie

Charlie is Bing's adorable young cousin and Coco's little brother. He can't quite speak yet, but he knows what he wants and he usually finds ways to make his wishes clear. Charlie loves the colour red. Bing loves Charlie, and sometimes gets a bit frustrated when Charlie doesn't want to play just the way Bing has planned. When Charlie has tried to put something in his mouth, you'll hear...

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His favourite toy is called...

Squee! Although he can find fun in most things.

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Charlie loves to wreak havoc...

but never maliciously! His presence and laughter have the power to repair the disruption he causes!

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"Don't chew it Charlie!"

Charlie puts everything in his mouth because he's teething.

Charlie Things

Bing Charlie

Preparing for a new arrival in the family

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Books & Stationery

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Bing bedding

Home Accessories & Homeware

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