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Series Two

Bing and Pando are digging tree holes in the sandpit when Pando accidentally fills Bings with sand.

Bing, Pando and Flop are watching the diggers plant a tree in the park. They run to the sandpit and pretend to be diggers and excavators and are preparing to plant a really big tree. Pando forgets where the hole is for where the tree is to be planted and keeps pushing sand into Bing's hole. They find that if they work together they can build the biggest hole to plant the biggest tree! Will Flop be able to help when they realise they haven't got a tree big enough to plant?

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“When you do it on your own you can dig a hole only this big, but if you’ve got a digger friend you can dig one even bigger.”


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Elliot Kerley

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Mark Rylance

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Shai Portnoy




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