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Where's Flop?

Series Two

Sula and Amma are at Bing’s house for lunch but there aren’t any carrots, so Flop goes to the shops.

It's lunch time! Sula and Amma have come to Bing’s house for lunch but there aren’t any carrots so Flop has to pop to the shop to get some. Bing really misses Flop and Amma and Sula try to make Bing feel better. But Bing hurts his finger in the letterbox when looking for Flop, and when Amma tries to phone him, Flop has left his phone at home.  What will Bing do while he waits for Flop to come home?

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“Flop wasn’t here and I was sad but you know what? Flop came home, just like he said.”


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Elliot Kerley

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Mark Rylance

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Eve Bentley

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Akiya Henry




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