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Your favourite tips for bedtimes with toddlers

Bedtime is not always the easiest time of day when you have a toddler. We asked grown-ups for their best tips on how they get their Bingsters ready for bed. 

We received suggestions from across our social channels. Below is a selection of the advice that we received. Please keep in mind that these tips have not come from experts.

Create a calming atmosphere

Fears of the dark or being alone can make little ones apprehensive at bedtime. Creating an atmosphere where your toddler feels safe and comfortable will help them enjoy bedtime.


Sara D.

Now that the nights are drawing in, I have started popping a few glow sticks into my three-year-old daughter's bath and dimming the bathroom light to create a calm atmosphere.

Faye B.

Dimmed lights and quiet talking before bedtime. Sometimes we make a tent with the blanket and snuggle for a while.

Abi C.

We use a night light and we have a humidifier that releases nice, calming scents like lavender or child-friendly eucalyptus oil if they have a cold. Also weighted blankets so they feel comfy and secure.

Jocelyn R.

Lovely warm soak in the bubble bath with lots of fun play time. Our boy loves his Bing floaty bath boat. Followed by snuggles under the soft cosy blankets in our pj's and looking at our favourite Bing books.

Have a familiar routine

Having a consistent routine that children are familiar with can make them feel more relaxed and secure at bedtime.


Joanna M.

Our best tip is to keep the routine in the same order every night.

Amber J.

We always do the same routine that, funnily enough, is the same as Bing’s: Pyjamas on, teeth brushed and then we read three books. Then it's a goodnight, love you, hope you sleep well. See you in the morning

Emma R.

Our best tip is a routine. We have a relaxing bath before bed while listening to our Tonie box and fall asleep using soft music.

Give your Bingster some choice

By giving your little one a degree of independence and choice in their bedtime routine, you can avoid them seeing getting ready for bed as a chore.


Tamara W.G.

We don't take her to bed until she's tired otherwise it's just a fight... I try to follow her lead where possible.

Chloe P.

We always let them bring a toy up, once they’ve fallen asleep, we put it next to their beds.

Laxmi V.

Bath time, toothbrush, choose a teddy bear for the night, read a story in bed and have some cuddles.

Jeremy W.

Patience, patience, patience and expect the unexpected. If plan A doesn’t work, go for plan B, C, D and E.

Use bedtime as a time to reflect 

Many families see bedtime as a moment to reflect on their memories of the day as to spend some quiet quality time together.


Miriam K.

Our routine is a bubbly bath, followed by cuddles and book reading. We also go over where we went that day and look over any pictures we took.

Anna D.

We like to chat about the lovely day we’ve had over warm milk, then settle down to sleep with a starry light and soft music.

Ellie V.

Our best bedtime tip is singing songs to sleep, even if your voice isn't the best, they love it the most.

Mali R.

After tea we have ‘family time’, it's a quiet play time with no screens and no running around trying to have mummy and daddy involved too if not too busy.

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