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Bing Atchoo Book

New Atchoo! book

Available now!

Bing can’t wait to go over to Sula’s to play today but there’s just one problem – he can’t stop sneezing . . .



Flop says he can’t go or he’ll give his snotty germs to his best friend. But Bing really really wants to see Sula and play at Amma’s house! What will Bing do?

A wonderful new picture book about not sharing germs, dealing with disappointment and the uplifting power of friendship.

Atchoo book
Atchoo book

Available today!




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Looking After Flop

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Handwashing activity sheet

Bing's hand washing chart

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Bing Books

Books & Stationery

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Shake Ding Bang book

New Shake Ding Bang Book!

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Doctor-Bing-Colouring-Sheet activity image

Doctor Bing Colouring Sheet

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bing in the bathroom

Developing Healthy Habits

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Brush your teeth with Bing

Brush your teeth with Bing!

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