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Bing at WWT

Explore UK wetlands with Bing and Flop!


From 23rd March - 2nd of June, Bingsters can join Bing and Flop to explore UK wetlands and discover the birds, plants and animals that live there.

Visit WWT locations to experience Bing’s Nature Explorers programme including a Bing activity trail with paper trail handout to  discover the animals that are emerging after winter and starting to have their young in spring.





  • WWT Arundel 
  • WWT Caerlaverock
  • WWT Castle Espie
  • WWT Llanelli
  • WWT London
  • WWT Martin Mere
  • WWT Slimbridge
  • WWT Steart Marshes
  • WWT Washington
  • WWT Welney

All Bing activities are included in the price of entry. Entrance is free for children under 4 years. For more information on admittance and attendance, please visit the WWT website. 




Ducks-Colouring-Sheet activity image

Ducks Colouring Sheet

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Nature Explorer

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Make-Your-Own-Nature-Explorer activity image

Make Your Own Nature Explorer

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Toilet Training

12 Tips for Potty Training Out and About

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Bing at Paignton Zoo and Newquay Zoo

Bing and Flop are coming to Paignton Zoo and Newquay Zoo!

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Balloon Still

Stuckie Duckie Book and Song

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Bing and Coco hula hooping

The importance of physical activity

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Episode 7 thumbnail image


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Bings-Frog-Maze activity image

Bing's Frog Maze

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Bing-and-Flop-Spring-Colouring-Sheet activity image

Bing and Flop Spring Colouring Sheet

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Nicky-Springtime-Colouring-Sheet activity image

Nicky Springtime Colouring Sheet

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