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Ten Episodes for Exploring Big Feelings

Tips, resources, episodes and more highlighting the importance of mental health in early years

Did you know each episode of Bing focuses on one core emotion and key learning? 

These episodes were selected as part of the week to highlight the variety of feelings that are featured throughout Bing. A compilation of feeling-filled Bing episodes are available on YouTube and on the Bing: Watch, Play, Learn app.


Is Bing beneficial for young children?

Yes. Toddlerhood is a time when children are going through a massive change in the types of emotions that they feel. So the main benefit [of Bing] is about helping children to learn to understand and recognise these emotions. 

- Dr Sam Wass, Child Psychologist

How can the issues shown in Bing help support positive emotional development?

I think the way that Bing deals with things when they do, when when things don't go as planned, gives children really great model to copy from and learn from so that they don't have that pressure to be perfect all the time, which is really bad for mental health

-Dr Sam Wass, Child Psychologist

Download a printable version where you can tick off which episodes you've watched with your little one!

BIng Episode Bye Bye

Episode: Bye Bye

Core Emotion: Sadness

Key Learning: How to cope with loss


Bing episode car park

Episode: Car Park

Core Emotion: Remorse (Shame)

Key Learning: Making good a wrong


Here I go Bing Episode

Episode: Here I Go

Core Emotion: Courage

Key Learning: Confronting fears and anxiety



Bing episode train

Episode: Train

Core Emotion: Discovery

Key Learning: Adapting to circumstances

Hippity Hoppity Voosh

Episode: Hippity Hoppity Voosh

Core Emotion: Worry and Anxiety 

Key Learning: Asking for help

Bing episode skateboard

Episode: Skateboard

Core Emotion: Courage

Key Learning: Confronting fears and doubts

Bing Episode toy party

Episode: Toy Party

Core Emotion: Anger

Key Learning: Saying sorry and making good

Bing Episode Mobile Phone

Episode: Mobile Phone

Core Emotion: Shame (Guilt)

Key Learning: About owning up to a mistake

Bing Episode Show

Episode: Show

Core Emotion: Caution and Confidence

Key Learning: Taking part with others

Bing Birthday episode

Episode: Birthday

Core Emotion: Sadness

Key Learning: Being more resilient

Visit our YouTube channel and Bing: Watch, Play, Learn app for a special episodes playlists for Children's Mental Health Week and our Facebook page for activities, competitions and discussions around the importance of mental health in early years.