My Friend Bing

Interactive Bing loves to run and play games!   Just like Bing on the television show, My Friend Bing is playful and energetic and he loves to sing, run and play games. Press his button and he will come to life moving his ears, talking, walking and running. Bingsters can even join in and play Bing’s favourite games with him. Who can stand statue still without wobbling? And who is the fastest runner? If Bing runs too fast and falls over…it’s no big thing! Bing will recognise when he’s toppled over and ask for help getting back up again. Realistic Movements! As Bing talks and sings, his ears wiggle, stand upright and even flop down when he is a bit tired.


  • 8 x 17 x 19.5 cm
  • Ages 2+

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