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Bing Children's Mental Health Week

Bing's Rainybow Craft

Make & Do

Let's make a colourful rainybow! 

"Pretty purple, indigo, blue and green and bright yellow. That's the way the colours go. Climbing up the rainybow.

Sunset orange, ruby red, rainybow above your head. That’s the way the colours go, sliding down the rainybow!”  

Does your toddler love rainbow spotting? Now they can make their own rainbow complete with fluffy clouds. Please use caution and your own

judgment about which steps your Bingster can be safely involved with. Always be careful when using scissors.

You will need: 

  • Safety scissors
  • A paper plate
  • Paints
  • Cotton wool 
  • Glue


  1. Cut your paper plate into a semi circle, then cut out another small semi circle middle to create the shape of a rainybow.
  2.  Use your paints to colour your rainybow in: pretty purple, indigo, blue, green, bright yellow, sunshine orange and ruby red.
  3.  Leave your rainybow to dry for a few minutes.
  4.  When the paint has dried, dab some glue on the bottom ends of the rainybow and stick down your cotton wool clouds!

Download and print below!