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Daytime park scene
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Series Two

It’s a windy day in the park, and Bing's flying his Hoppity Voosh kite, but will he let Pando help him?


It's a windy day at the park, perfect for flying Bing's Hoppity Voosh Kite with Pando! They can see other people flying kites together in the park, one running holding the string and the other vooshing the kite into the air. But Bing insists he can do it alone. When the Hoppity Voosh kite gets broken when it doesn't voosh into the air, Bing finds out that when he works together with Pando, the kite can be fixed. Will he now let Pando help fly the kite?

If you can’t fly a kite on your own, maybe someone can fly it with you.