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Ice Cream

Series Three

It’s a hot day, and Bing and Flop are trying to catch up to Gilly for an ice cream!

It's hot today and Bing and Flop are trying to catch up to Gilly to get some ice creams! But they keep missing her, and have to go through the park and over the bridge until finally, Popsie hears them. Gilly stops and Bing gets a yummy carroty ice cream cone and Flop chooses a fruit kebab with chocolate sauce. It's yummy delicious! But what happens when Bing waves goodbye to Gilly and drops his ice cream on the floor?  

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"I dropped my ice cream, but Flop made me a fruit cone instead and it was mmmm yummy!"


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Elliot Kerley

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Mark Rylance



Pauline McLynn




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