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Series Two

Bing is helping Flop in Padget's shop when he hides from Flop! But then… he hides in the store room!

Bing is helping Flop find the ingredients for a big fruit salad at Padget's shop, when he decides to hide from Flop. Bing hides in the aisles and calls out for Flop to find him. Flop BOO's Bing when he finds him and they go back to looking for some yummy pears and oranges! But what will happen when Bing hides in Padget's store room and get's locked in?

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"If you want someone to find you, you have to tell them you’re hiding first."


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Elliot Kerley

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Mark Rylance

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Bryony Hannah




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Hide and Seek

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Peek-a-Boo Bing

New Peek-a-boo Bing toy!

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The power of playing peek-a-boo with young children

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