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Big Boots

Series Two

Bing and Sula are splashing in puddles in the park, when Bing jumps into a really big, muddy puddle!

Dun Dun Dun! Bing and Sula are giants! They are in the park splashing in puddles with their big rainy boots and as they play, they look for bigger and bigger puddles. Bing finds a very big puddle and jumps in but slips in the mud and gets wet all over. He doesn't like being all drippy wet and muddy but luckily Amma comes to the rescue with a warm bath and a carroty bagel fit for a giant.

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“Even when you think you’re a giant, you can still get wet if it’s a really big puddle.”


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Elliot Kerley

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Mark Rylance

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Eve Bentley

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Akiya Henry




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