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Bing Baking

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Let's bake with Bing and Flop!

Roll the dough, bake and decorate biscuits in our creative, interactive animated game.

Bing baking intro

Bing Baking lets your Bingster make and decorate biscuits in Bing’s kitchen and learn about the biscuit making and baking process too.

This fun, creative app will challenge your child by using screen actions that will develop both their creativity and imagination, as well as use their fine motor skills.

Let them enjoy making a mess without the mess!

Bing baking screenshot
Bing baking screenshot
Bing Baking image
Bing Baking image

Get baking with Bing and Flop as they:

  • Squidge the dough with their hands
  • Roll it with a rolling pin
  • Learn to create shapes by choosing from an array of dough cutters
  • Get Flop to pop it in the oven and learn about oven safety
  • Learn to keep an eye on timing with the Chicky Timer
  • Decorate the biscuit with sprinkles, colourful icing, fruits and chocolate buttons
  • Take a photo of their creation and save it to your device
  • Share and eat those yummy treats with Bing and Flop!

Baking biscuits, it’s a Bing thing!

To download for your tablet or mobile device, follow the relevant link below