Bing and his Friends at the Cinema

In cinemas 12 August

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Join Bing and His Friends… at the cinema! Let’s watch some favourite Bing stories and help Pico with her Bing puzzle! We’ll play MATCH with the Rainbow Fairy Mice, help Hoppity fly home and find Bing’s speedy cars!

This screening includes Hearts, Lost, Mine, Ice Cream, Sleepover, Car Park and Smoothie!

This special screening includes the following Bing episodes:

“It’s hard to share your fravrits fravrits, but it’s really hard to share your fravritist fravrits fravritest fravrits”

Bing and Sula are putting heart-shaped stickies on their fravrit things around the house. Bing gets the colour orange as Sula knows that’s his fravritist colour. Sula decides that everything in Bing’s bedroom is her fravrite and even stickies Hoppity Voosh! Bing is upset because Hoppity is his most fravrit and he doesn’t want to share him. Can Sula find a way to make Bing feel better?

“When you lose something, don’t worry.,You have to foooocus and remember where you went so you can find it again.”
Bing and Hoppity Voosh are having so much fun in the park that Bing doesn’t see a big, stinky dog poo and steps right in it! Flop helps Bing to Amma’s house to get cleaned up, when he realises he’s left Hoppity behind. Will Bing be able to fooocus and remember where Hoppity is?


“Pando went to sleep in my bed and I didn’t like that ‘cos it’s mine.”

Bing and Pando are on their way home from the beach! But Pando needs to get Bullabaloo from Bing’s house before he can go to bed. After looking at the shells they have collected, they decide to play one last game – Hide and Seek! But what happens when Bing tries to seek Pando and finds him fast asleep in Bing’s bed?

Ice Cream

“I dropped my ice cream, but Flop made me a fruit cone instead and it was mmmm yummy!”
It’s hot today and Bing and Flop are trying to catch up to Gilly to get some ice creams! But they keep missing her, and have to go through the park and over the bridge until finally, Popsie hears them. Gilly stops and Bing gets a yummy carroty ice cream cone and Flop chooses a fruit kebab with chocolate sauce. It’s yummy delicious! But what happens when Bing waves goodbye to Gilly and drops his ice cream on the floor?


“When somebody comes for a sleepover, they might do different bedtime things.”
Bing & Coco are having a sleepover today! They’ve brushed their teeth, got their pjs on but what do they need to do next? Coco wants to play the Goodnight Game and Bing wants to do Vooshing; so… they mix their bedtimes up together! But how will Bing feel when Coco turns all the lights out to show him what Amber, one of her Rainbow Fairy Mice can do?

Car Park

“If someone can’t play your game, you have to find a game you can all play.”
Bing wants to play his car park game with Flop but Charlie is visiting and keeps playing the game wrong. Bing doesn’t like it, so Flop suggests he and Charlie go to the kitchen for a Charlie game. But that means that Bing is now on his own…

“You can mix things up but you can’t mix them down again.”
It’s snack time! But the only banana left is too mushy to eat. Flop suggests making a smoothie with it instead. But when Bing’s carrot accidentally gets put into the blender as well, it makes a carroty smoothie! Will Bing like his carroty smoothie?

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