Talking Bing

Bing says fun phrases when you give him a squeeze! Talking Bing has over 15 fun phrases to delight and entertain fans ‘Hi, I’m Bing What’s your name?’ Simply press Bing’s button to hear him talk and giggle. Bing is made from super-soft textured fabric and wears his adorable red checked dungarees with button, just like in the show Bing features beautiful fine embroidered detail This cute and cuddly Talking Bing Soft Toy is perfect for hugs Bing loves to go on adventures Whether it’s a trip to the park or a day at nursery, Bing is the perfect companion for your little Bingsters Whether you are looking for a Birthday gift, Christmas gift or other event, the Bing Talking Soft Toy is perfect for pre-schoolers


  • Soft and cuddly Bing!
  • Hug Bing to hear him talk!
  • Give Bing a few big squeezes to play "I spy..."

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