Bing’s Lunchbox

Bingsters can practice matching and shape-sorting with their very own Bing’s Lunchbox. This beautiful lunchbox is made with real wood and features Hoppity Voosh - just like Bing’s lunchbox in the TV show! Filled with everything Bing loves for lunch, Bing’s Lunchbox includes a carroty sandwich, an apple and an oaty biscuit, and also features a carrot juice bottle and removable lunch tray. Each lunchbox item has its own unique learning feature, thoughtfully designed to develop fine-motor skills and introduce little ones to new colours and textures. Lunchtime with friends… it’s a Bing thing!


  • Wooden lunchbox lid features Hoppity on the front and Bing's photograph inside!
  • Removable carrot juice bottle - turn the bottle upside down to see the carrot juice disappear!
  • Wooden carroty sandwich (2 pieces) - sandwich halves snap together
  • Wooden oaty biscuit with felt edges for tactile play
  • Help Bing pack his lunch by sorting the pieces into their spaces on the lunch tray

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