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New app game on Bing: Watch Play Learn!

Night Night Bing is a bedtime routine game that means your Bingster can now help Bing get ready for bed!

With 5 mini-game activities, your Bingster can go through that bedtime routine with Bing!

First, let's tidy up all those toys. Then, let's play with bubbles in the bath! Then it's time to put on Bing's pyjamas before we brush out teeth. And finally we can snuggle up with a bedtime story with Bing, Flop and Hoppity!

Free to Bing: Watch Play Learn app subscribers, you'll find the game in the 'Play Games' section.

Download the app now »

Our Favourite Social Messages

We love all of the messages we receive on social. Here's a snapshot of what you've been posting over the past month.

  • Lucy Smith-Kenway It was out bingsters 4th birthday yesterday and he was over the moon to get these
  • Dionne Marie Porter My bingsters glued to bing this morning. Addict 1 has now converted addict no 2.
  • Emily Perry My little one got to meet bing on Wednesday and she loved it her little face lit up when she saw him although the pic says otherwise don't think she realised how big he would be in person xxxxx
  • Lobby Loo Anderson Aargh Bing has mauled my son!! ❤️ those feet!!
  • Sera Turkdogan Emily and Aiden came home to a treat today. Finally found them! They love their new Bing PJs
  • Adriana Capriotti Today we finally got to meet you, my little girl was star struck! We had great fun dancing and lots of cuddles thank you Bing and Flop you've made our year!
  • Jenna Hooper One very happy (if not slightly spoilt) bingster today!!
  • Rachel Bell Charlie enjoying her 'easy peasy pasta' 😊 she likes it un-mixed like Bing!
  • Abbi Smith Willow is loving the new Easter Eggs book
  • ‎Rebecca Elizabeth Arkell My little girl is very pleased with her flop that her friends mum knitted her following the pattern
  • Sammie Priddey My baby with his bing bunny blanket watching bing xx
  • Amy Payne My sons watching bing atm, hes had a grumpy day but as soon as bings on hes one happy boy x
  • Katie Louise Shaw Bing makes my little bingster happy and her bing and friends teddies... taking the gang on school run with her 💖xx
  • Ginette Franklin My sons Bing birthday cake from his party on the weekend
  • Marie Vandome-Southwell This is my poorly boy, snuggled on the sofa, but Bing on constant repeat is keeping him happy!!
  • Alice Wheaver Happy Bingster, saying bye bye to his dummy in the box, fingers crossed.
  • Vicky Lambourne We're loving the new bing scooter:)
  • Sarah Morton My little Bingster holding Bing and Flop on the potty, making them cheese for the camera!!
  • Tamalyn Edwards My son Alex age 3, dressed as Bing, it's a two piece rather than dungarees to make catching the toilet train easier.
  • Abbi Smith My little Bingster Willow-Rose enjoyed going to the park on her Bing scooter yesterday & feeding the ducks 😁 We even met a cat who looked like Arlo from the episode Cat..
  • Emily Aylward My daughter Darcy is 2 today. She adores Bing so much. I cannot wait to put her to bed tonight in her new Bing pyjamas, in her new Bing duvet set with her new 'get dressed bing' teddy.
  • Gemma Hutton My little one bing costume she been begging for a costume for ages xx
  • Abbi Smith Willow took her 'softy' Bing to see the animals today and he enjoyed a little play at the park too.. She loves her cuddly Bing and takes him everywhere
  • Leanne taylor It was my daughter, Olivia, 2nd Birthday yesterday and this was her cake. She couldn't wait to take the figures off the cake and play with them.
  • Vicky Lambourne Bing went on holiday to gran canaria all happy xxx
  • Vicky Rudd Thank you so much for Millie's book, she's very pleased with it!
  • Katie Gibbs My mum came home with these today- her friend at work had knitted them for my son. I asked her to knit Flop a few months ago and this is from the left over wool
  • Pia Stephens Anneliisa adores Bing and goes nowhere without him
  • Mia Chantelle Griffin Eva loves her new Bing blanket!
  • ‎Amanda Rose My little boy loved his letter from bing. 
    He's only one but as soon as he saw the card he knew it was bing. 
    Thank you team bing.
  • Rose Bud My little bingster should be in bed but instead is playing with her bing house and figures she just loves this house great buy if anyone is thinking of getting it for their little ones for Christmas
  • Emily Lauren Wright Drawing I did for my Bing fan!
  • Emily Rose Cottle ‎Oliver with bing and sula. He absolutely loves them both!
  • Hannah Brown‎ My daughters Bing cake. Eating cake… it's a Bing thing!
  • Looby Loo Anderson Took me near 2 days with a toddler pushing against me and nudging me but here it is... Our Bing Christmas Window!!
  • Sophie Byers Elf on the shelf and Bing
  • Abbi Smith My little Bingster Willow & her best friend Sienna found this little bench while we were out shopping, they were so excited and started signing the Rainybow song
  • Kimmi Daisy-May Foster Skylar is watching the sparkle magic episode of Bing this morning, and ran to get her wand and wings so she could be just like Sula!
  • Heidi Johnston I've been watching Bing for the past 2 days. My daughter loves Bing...

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